So, I haven’t been posting lately. I swear there is a good reason for it. It might not necessarily be a good reason but it’s a reason. Interesting story time – Go!

Enjoy these Halloween GW2 screens while I tell you how stupid I am.

If you play Guild Wars 2, then you know that your account is bound to one server. If you want to go to another to play with a friend then you have to transfer (it’s free right now until guesting is implimented.) I decided to go visit an old buddy of mine on Dragonbrand, fun times, saw his norn, got to show off my cool level 80 gear. On my way out – “you cannot do that for another 21 hours.”

Ok….not that bad, I’ll just wait a day. Next day rolls around, I decide that I’ll just wait until the morning to do it, I was tired anyway and it’d be like 3am. I play on that server, all the while my guildies calling me names and a traitor T^T (lovingly of course). That is when I go to bed, ready to start the new day back on Tarnished Coast.

Or so I thought. Me, being the brilliant morning person, got on as soon as I wake up, blindly clicking buttons. Then I saw this – You have moved to EU Fissure of Woe….WAIT WHAT?!

That’s about the time when I was trying to hit every cancel button that exists…so with a FUUUUUU- I slump in my chair and put in a GM ticket hoping they will have mercy.

They don’t.

I’m stuck there for another day, alone…in the european wilderness of GW2. It wasn’t so bad. I spent a few hours farming karma for my legendary then played War Z and Planetside 2 Betas with my friends, watched some Game of Thrones (which I am behind on so don’t ruin it.)

Next morning rolls around – Tarnished Coast is full!

O.O – I rage. And then, as the hours pass, I finally get back home just before work. I am overjoyed to be back with my guildies and they welcome me back with a dragon, (QT no less).

I will never transfer again. I’m staying here TC. You can’t get rid of me.

(Also, I put in my 2 weeks at my job. Here’s to hoping I’ll find something better.)

Group RP

Group rp is something that is fairly new to me. I am not talking about rp events or meetings. I am talking about running around exploring and playing with a group of people while rping. I have seen people advertise for it on community sites or knock around ideas but I have never participated. The main reason is because I usually dont have the availability or I have prior responsibilities that make it difficult. Normally I only RP at events or randomly if I come across it. This is actually how I came across the group which lead me to post this.

It all started because of a silly undead dragon we call TQ, it is short for Tequatl. I was waiting for him to arrive with about 30+ others and I happened to notice some RP happening near me. So…I tossed a few lines in and before I knew there were four members of a guild rping with me. That is when QT (as I like to call him) arrived.

He’s here!

So, we killed the big dragon with little trouble (only one death), and I found the group after the fight. They were grouped together, RPing a little dialogue afterwards, so I joined in. I praised them a bit and they returned the favor, suddenly a half hour passed. We were standing in the same place, just having a conversation and killing any mobs that interrupted our RP. They were very friendly and didn’t seem bothered that I had decided to just join in their session. Eventually, it lead to me getting an invite to their guild so I gladly accepted. My guild has all but died at least in GW2 and I can’t be bothered to recruit. I think TERA kind of burnt me out on the whole leading a guild thing, but that’s a story for another time. I joined their guild, a multiple houses themed guild, and they invited me to their group to continue antics with my new guildies. This time we decided to go for another dragon, on the opposite end of the world (Thank Dwayna for waypoints). We had less time to RP before the dragon interrupted us, so we quickly dispatched them with the help of our comrades and then returned to the nearby camp to continue.

The Shatterer

The dynamics of the group meshed perfectly, everyone was having a blast. The group consisted of three sylvari and two humans. The two humans, male and female mesmers shared sarcasm back and forth, while the two sylvari apart from myself showed they were obvious lovers. My witty bloodthirsty warrior fit perfectly with the group, between all the wisecracks and the epic feeling of actually working together in an IC way as well as in the group, it was the most fun I’ve had in a mmo in a long time. It was definitely a memorable night. Then we decided to run a dungeon together, while RPing it. That’s when it really got fun.

A little more RP after the run.

There we were, the five of us: my all too eager to fight warrior, the timid yet powerful elementalist, her silly and perverted thief lover, the no nonsense but kind hearted female human, and the impromptu leader strong willed and cocky human male. I say impromptu because he came up with the idea but we were all a cohesive group that didn’t really need someone to lead us. The dungeon went off without a hitch, I switched to my mace and shield to help on the more defensive front while they killed things. The result was a run full of one liners and interesting personal stories meshing. It’s pretty easy to say that our characters worked well together, everyone said they had a blast and we all plan to do it again more often. I look forward to seeing how the characters develop and grow. I’m pretty happy to have found this little super group. I can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

New Lands, New Opportunities.


That’s one of my favorite quotes of this guy up here. That’s right, I’m playing Guild Wars 2. Yjemen, my Sylvari Warrior (61 at the time of that screen) is the main I have chosen. There’s something about the Sylvari that I like, well more than something, a few things. I like their animations, sure some of them are the same as Humans, but there is a certain bounce to their run that just breathes excitement, exploration, and new experiences. They’re often compared to children, thrust into a world waiting for them to seek it out. I suppose that is why I enjoy RPing one so much. (That and he looks pretty badass in his plant armor. Ha.) The little things we take for granted or have grown accustomed to are fresh and unknown to the Sylvari. The first time getting hurt, the first time being afraid, the first kiss, the first love, the first heart break, the first betrayal. The-first-time-throwing-your-controller-across-the-room-in-anger. All of these experiences are waiting to be discovered and played out on a Sylvari. It’s quite refreshing.


Now, don’t think that I’m just here to advertise Sylvari and the Grove. (Great vacation destination, btw.) I am just expressing my current obsession, but this is by no means something that I have always been so excited about. I actually came close to quitting a couple of times, due to how I originally wanted to make him and his story. I got criticized and I was frustrated. I didn’t want to be cliche, I didn’t want him to be overlooked in RP. So, after some thought, I sat down and took the time to completely rework his biography. I took away all of the things I thought would be exciting and crazy and new. (Which ended up not happening) I changed him to a character I could relate with easier, something I could portray with ease. Instead of having a set of unrealistic emotions and irregularities, I found a balance with him that I was more attuned with. He is by no means finished, and hopefully he will never be. He is a growing character, alive, and a part of me. I hope to grow with him, learn more about him as I RP him. That is part of the fun of RP, you get to see a character develop through events and interactions with others. I have plans for him, but they’re never set in stone, and that is an exciting thought. I look forward to experiencing more in the eyes of my Sylvari.